Why Lease?

Benefits of Leasing

Leasing Conserves Capital

The use of the equipment without any large capital outlay, providing for the use of more working capital within your business.

Leasing Provides Total Funding

With essentially 100% funding available, leasing provides for use of the equipment with generally no down payment and minimal outlay.

Leasing Generates Revenues

Low monthly lease payments allow you to acquire the equipment immediately, and in many cases benefit by the revenues generated by its use, thus making the lease self financing.

Leasing Provides Alternative Funding

Leasing does not affect established lines of credit which remain intact to give your business an additional funding source and working capital.

Leasing Offsets Inflation

By acquiring equipment at today’s prices with fixed lease payments, leasing will both provide for an inflation proof shelter, and a protection against future price increases.

Leasing Enables More Effective Budgeting

Since lease payments are fixed for the term of the lease, and with a choice of lease repayments available of one to seven years, accurate budgeting and cash flows may be established.

Leasing Offers Tax Advantages

Typically lease payments are an operating expense and as such may be eligible for tax relief.

Leasing Offers Flexibility

Leasing provides for upgrading or changing the equipment as required, and additional equipment may be added to an existing lease.